Monday, September 26, 2016
School is Open
School is Open

Welcome to Seymour Community Schools!

Our Mission

Teaching to Learn.
Learning to Apply.
Applying to Life.
Assessing to Improve.


Seymour Community Schools District Vision:

Seymour Community Schools, in partnership with our community,
improves lives by providing an exceptional educational foundation
that inspires a passion for learning and equips all to be productive, meaningful contributors of a global society.

At Seymour Community Schools, we believe.

  • Learning is a life-long endeavor.All deserve equal opportunity to learn.
  • Students learn in different ways and different places.
  • Esteem, discipline, and achievement are related.
  • Curriculum, technology and instruction will be relevant to students to achieve a quality life.
  • A safe, nurturing and positive environment is necessary for learning.
  • Communication among all will be open, interactive and consistent.

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DonateTax-deductible contributions may be made to Seymour Community Schools, the athletic department, and the fine arts department.  Visit  Jackson County Community Foundation for more information.

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Mr Robert Hooker
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Superintendent Assistant
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Seymour Community Schools

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