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Seymour Community Schools Health Services

Seymour Community School Nurses are available to care for the health needs of our students. We realize the importance of health as it relates to the students’ academic performance and success in the school setting.

We encourage you to call your school nurse with questions regarding the health needs of your child.

School Nurses

Seymour High School
Sherry Reinhart RN BSN - School Nurse Coordinator
Phone – 812-522-4384
Fax – 812-522-4462

Seymour Middle School
Angie Stoner LPN
Phone – 812-522-5453
Fax – 812-523-8134

6th Grade Center
Audrey Huber LPN
Phone – 812-523-4637
Fax – 812-522-5880

Brown Elementary
Rhiannon Chandler
Phone – 812-522-5539
Fax – 812-522-4544

Cortland Elementary
Phone – 812-522-7483
Fax – 812-522-6164

Emerson Elementary
Julie King RN ASN
Phone – 812-522-2596
Fax – 812-523-3338

Jackson Elementary
Paula Duncan RN BSN
Phone – 812-522-5709
Fax – 812-522-7095

Redding Elementary
Phone – 812522-5621
Fax – 812-522-8994

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Seymour Community Schools

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Fax: 812-522-8031

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