Welcome to Owl Tech  "Online While Learning"

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OWL Tech

  • is very different from the online experience during COVID and Hybrid.
  • puts the learner in charge.
  • is a partnership where the platform delivers the initial instruction, the student engages in the learning, and the teacher reinforces or guides the student to mastery.
  • staff is there step by step to guide and support the student through this program.
  • Provides instruction, removes barriers, holds students accountable, and communicates with families.
  • Meets all Indiana State Standards.

What are the windows for entering and leaving the program?

  • Initial Application window is June 9-June 23.
  • Secondary application window is July 28- August 6.
  • Withdraw request must be made within the 10 days from the start of the program or by August 18.
  • Request change window to join/leave OWL Tech occurs 5 days to the beginning of the new grading period.

Questions, contact Kathy Beavers @ 812-523-6181

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.