Diane Altemeyer
Title 1, Part A

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How does the money get to my district?
The money travels from the federal government to Indiana to Seymour Community Schools and then to eligible schools within the district. For Seymour Community Schools, Seymour Jackson Elementary, Seymour Redding Elementary, and Margaret R. Brown Elementary are designated as Title 1 Schools.  The State uses Census data to determine the amount of Title I money the district and school receives.  To learn more about each school, visit the school's individual information page by clicking on the tab above with the school's name.

How does Title 1 help schools?
Title I helps schools by supplementing the regular education program and by helping students meet the Indiana Academic Standards. Seymour Community Schools' Title 1 Program includes the following services:
Instructional Coaches at each Title I Building
Parent Workshops & Parent Involvement Activities
Summer Parent Involvement Packet Mailings
Instructional Assistants to help with Small Group Instruction 

Which students receive Title I services?
The Title 1 eligible schools in Seymour have school-wide programs. The purpose of a school-wide program is to upgrade the instructional program of the whole school, not targeted student populations.   All students within the school are eligible to receiver services through Title I.

What role do parents play?
Parental involvement is an important component of Title I.                                    Parents are needed for:

Program Evaluation
If you are a parent of a student in a Title 1 school and would like to become involved in any of the Title 1 programs, please contact your child's school or Jeff Klakamp at 812-522-0814.

What about accountability?
Title I requires states to develop standards and assessments that will challenge students served by Title I programs to perform to high levels. The State of Indiana administers ISTEP+ tests to students for this purpose. Research suggests that high standards, when coupled with valid and reliable assessments and aligned support, can exert a powerful influence over what children are taught and how much they learn.
Each school is expected to meet these standards by making Adequate Yearly Progress(AYP). The schools' AYP status is determined by looking at the school's overall percentage of students passing ISTEP+ and the various subgroups that make up the total population of the school. A few examples of subgroups are: White, Hispanic, Free and Reduced Lunch Students, Special Education Students, and Limited English Proficient Students.

What happens when a school does not meet AYP? 
When a school has not met AYP for two consecutive years, they enter into school improvement status. When this happens a school or district is required to develop specific plans to address any subgroup not meeting AYP.

How will I know if my child's school does not meet AYP?
A letter is mailed to each student at a Title 1 building failing to meet AYP for 2 or more consecutive years.  This letter will detail AYP results and inform parents of options available.

Currently, Seymour Community School Corporation, Seymour Redding Elementary, Seymour Jackson Elementary and Margaret R. Brown meet requirements and are not identified in Title 1 improvement status.