Brian Rodman

Curriculum Council - Technology Committee

This group will be looking into several aspects of how technology can be effectively integrated into all of our classrooms.

This committee has been meeting regularly to discuss such topics as device management,  policies and procedures as to a 1:1 environment, publicity of 1:1 deployment, student responsibilities, staff responsibilities, curriculum development with the use of technology and professional development opportunities for our staff.

Seymour Community Schools Acceptable Use Policy
Here is a link to Seymour Community Schools Acceptable Use Policy in general terms.  Each student that attends Seymour Schools is also asked to sign off on their handbook which contains each schools computer use policies.

Equipment Agreement
For Seymour Staff - Whenever an employee of Seymour Community Schools is either issued or checks out a technology device they are required to fill out the following equipment agreement.

Grant Application form
Seymour requires any staff member that is wanting to apply for any grant.  Any grant request over $1000 must be presented to the school board for approval.