Friday, May 25, 2018
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What are Federal Programs?

Thank you for taking time to learn about Federal and State Programs at work in Seymour Community Schools.  State and Federal grant funding helps provide world-class services for our students, assists with staffing and provides for professional development.  This Federal Program home page lists each program and contact information, 

To learn more about a specific State or Federal Program at Seymour Schools, please click on the link provided.

Federal & State Program Links
Title I

Title 1

Program Director:  Diane Altemeyer  812-271-1379

Title III

Title III   English Learners

Program Director:  Diane Altemeyer  812-271-1379

WIDA Access Test Coordinator:  Lori Lister  812-522-7483

High Ability Program

High Ability

High Ability Coordinator:   Diane Altemeyer      812-271-1379

Title II, Part A: Innovative Programs

Title IIA

Program Director:  Diane Altemeyer  812-271-1379

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