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State Dollars at Work....

The high ability grant helps provide services and materials for students in grades K-12 to support students demonstrating high ability or the potential to achieve at high levels.

Important Contacts/Information

High Ability Coordinator:   Diane Altemeyer
Phone:  812-271-1379


Seymour Community Schools conducts assessment to assist us in matching each student with the necessary support and resources.

Indiana Association for the Gifted (IAG)

"Mission: The Indiana Association for the Gifted educates and advocates for meeting the academic and social / emotional needs of gifted youth."

You can find information on this website about parent networks, scholarships, and other resources.


Parents of gifted children are typically the single most important influence in their child’s development, outlook, and fulfillment of talent. In addition to being their child’s primary caregivers, parents of gifted children alternately function as “mentor,” “praiser,” “disciplinarian,” “playmate,” “teacher,” and sometimes “best friend”—to name just a few. Parents are truly the guardians and nurturers of their children’s talents.

This opening paragraph in Dr. James Alvino’s paper sets the tone for the content. His (free) document will give you suggestions and activities you might do at home to foster academic and creative potential. Topics include “Parenting Styles Make a Difference,” “The Enriched Environment,” “Nurturing Your Child’s Creativity,” and “Academics at Home.” The summary of parenting tips at the end reminds us all of some very critical points in raising children.


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