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Cells, what are they?  What do they do?  What are they made of?  How do they work?  All of the answers to these questions and more await you as you begin your quest.  Come along and learn about the very building blocks of all life.

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You will be asked to use the web to research what cells are and what cells are made of.  You will complete conventional worksheets collecting data on each organelle (cell part).  You will also need to complete a detailed, colored drawing of either a plant or animal cell.  The final task will include you producing one or two slides using PowerPoint to aid in a group presentation of cell organelles.  A specific organelle will be assigned to you.

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1.  Use the websites provided to complete the handouts that will guide you in your study of the cell. 

                                                                                                                                                      Printable worksheets

2.  On a piece of cardstock (provided), draw and color a detailed diagram of either an animal or plant cell. 
        See examples.       (Student Examples)

3.  Using the information gathered on your handouts, as well as any additional information you have found on your own, create one or two slides, using PowerPoint, on your assigned organelle   Your slides will be part of a group presentation on the cell. 
See examples.        (Student Examples)

4.  Use the Quia website to help review information learned and then take a test online to demonstrate your knowledge of the cell and its organelles.

Cell Battleship
Cell Jeopardy
Cell 6th Grader

Cell Flashcards
Cell Unscramble
Cell Hangman


Ch. 11 Test

5.  EXTRA CREDIT: Create a cell model using only food.  Use a light colored (orange, yellow) Jello for the cytoplasm.  Be creative with all other materials used.  All models should be labeled properly.  See examples.

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The following sites can help you find additional information about your assigned organelle.   

Cells Alive
The Virtual Cell

Cellular Organelles
Typical Animal and Plant Cells
Cellular Biology
Inside a Cell
Cellular Organization


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You will be evaluated in several ways.  Handouts will be graded conventionally and assigned a letter grade.  Both the drawing and PowerPoint presentation will be evaluated using rubrics.  The test online will be a test similar to those taken in class previously and will be assigned a letter grade based on the number of correct responses.

Download Rubric for Cell Diagram
Download Rubric for PowerPoint Slides

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Cells are the very building blocks of life.  You have now learned how all living things depend on cells to perform important tasks that keep living things functioning properly.  You now have a good base of knowledge to build upon as you study this topic further in future grades.

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